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Nov 12, 2016 | | Say something

There’s a new trend in conservative circles: bashing people for being PC, or politically correct. Being PC means not saying certain things because they will hurt people’s feelings. Usually, being polite is considered part of being a decent human being. Now it is something to be ridiculed, primarily by pieces of shit who want to say whatever hateful things they want to without consequence. The focus is on the fact that their views are being censored, when it should be on the fact that their views are horrifying and disgusting. I remember a drunk guy saying, “You don’t believe the 1 in 5 statistic, do you?” He was talking about the number of women who get raped, and he went on to say that it’s closer to 1 in 58. These are the types of issues conservatives care about most: making people understand (incorrectly) that women aren’t being raped, making them believe (delusionally) that global warming is a hoax, and not being judged for saying hateful things about minorities.


Jesus never flipped anyone off!

There are some seriously fucked up tactics that conservatives use to argue against reality. The most common one is personal attacks: instead of reasonably debating someone, they will insult them, calling them a baby, or a brainwashed puppet of the liberal media, or “not a real American”. Conservatives do not like to use evidence to support their arguments. When they do, it is cherry picked out of a large set of data that mostly conflicts with their argument. They ignore the majority of evidence that goes against the world view and champion the rare instance that confirms it. An example is the way Republicans absolutely piss their pants with fucking glee whenever their is a false rape accusation, and proceed to shame the shit out of her, demanding that she be imprisoned for her horrible crime. Condemnation of actual rapes is conspicuously absent. (Unless they’re against men!) It is important to these people that nobody thinks rape is something happens all the time. What kind of fucking garbage piece of shit cares about something like that? Welcome to America!


Global warming is real you fucking dipshits please look at some scientific evidence

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