I Ate Five Ativan Out of My Mom’s Purse

Apr 3, 2016 | | Say something

I am the greatest writer who ever lived. Reading my words is 100% guaranteed to make you smarter in every way. If you don’t like what I have to say, too bad, you’re far away in another room.


pretend my head is the Earth

Sorry if this is too real, but for hundreds of thousands of animals have had their corpses mutilated by humans, who then wear the animal skins. A human walking around in another humans skin is gross, how come any other animal is okay to wear? So murdering an animal is not murder. Explain to me how that works. Trillions of animals have been eaten by humans.


Vaginal interest makes up only half my enthusiasm for the cause of ending animal genocide once and for all. Another major factor is thinking about a sheep saying in sheep language,”GET THAT AWAY FROM MY THROAT! ARGGG! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?” and then millions of less traumatic instances where flesh is split open and blood sprays out. They have to murder every animal that a person eats. Why would you want to eat suffering and death on the daily?

Have you ever stabbed a cow to death? I haven’t, but I do know that the thought frightens me. Slaughterizing livestock is brutal and dirty work and there’s blood everywhere. You don’t need to eat meat to live, why have someone drench their hands in blood and gore every day? There’s no way they get paid enough to do that anyways. Yuck!


Where the leather in your shoes come from. Extra credit: make a sticker with this image on it and post it on every leather thing you find



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