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Sep 4, 2016 | | Say something

What the fuck is wrong with all these people? They’re so shitty to each other and to animals and they don’t even understand how fucked up it all is. Like, there’s no law against being an inconsiderate piece of shit and there are plenty of ways to legally harm people. People sell addictive drugs to each other like cocaine and alcohol, fucking over someone else’s health for money. They fuck each other over in every way imaginable just to get ahead and move one like it’s no big deal, because, “It’s not me, I’m not feeling it.” People leave other people holding bags of shit and walk away and move on to hand out the next bag of shit. They emotionally damage each other on a regular basis. There is a serious lack of empathy going around. There’s not one person involved in an interaction between two people. That should be self-explanatory, but some people really don’t seem to understand. Two beings are affected. When one being decides to not give a fuck about the other, the outcome of the situation isn’t as good as it could have been for beings. If a human is a variable, ONE VARIABLE IS NOT THE WHOLE EQUATION.

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What people callously leave each other holding.

What if the cells in our body decided to not give a shit about the other cells and only care about themselves? Sometimes certain cells do something just like this. It’s called cancer, and it often leads to death.

People seem to be really interested in people getting in conflicts with each other and saying mean things. This is so fucked up! Why the hell are people like this, so lacking in compassion? They’ll have compassion for a few certain people that they are close to, then for completely arbitrary and moronic and petty reasons have absolutely no regard for the feelings of someone else. Oh, I’ll care about something bad happening to this one cute animal or child or person I care about, in a situation that I can’t do anything to change, then I’ll be a piece of shit to someone I work with, despite the fact that I have no right to make them suffer. WHEN I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING I DON’T WANT TO DO, THEN FUUUUUUUCK BEING A GOOD PERSON. I’ll say I’m a good person, but I’ll only do good things SOMETIMES.

No!!! A good person does good things all the god damn fucking time! They don’t take recurring vacations to be a piece of shit!

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