I Command You To Make Your Penis Bigger Here’s How

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There are many ways that a man can increase his penis size without surgery. These methods are in fact effective and they take time and dedication. The amount of effort one needs to put into natural penis enlargement can be lessened with the aid of devices which are very affordable. However, the penis can be enlarged manually. It’s almost free; some kind of lubricant will be necessary for jelqing and that costs a few dollars. If you put in the time and effort, you will enlarge your penis. The methods I will describe are jelqing, stretching and kegels, which are best used in combination with each other.


Jelqing will not give you abs

Previous to performing penis exercises, you should always be sure to warm up. Warming up means literally increasing the temperature of the penis so the tunica albuginea will become more pliable. The tunica albuginea surrounds the spongy inner tissues of the penis and is hard because it is 95% collagen and acts as a size limit on the penis, which is why it is so important to warm up the penis first so that it will be more elastic. Simply get a towel wet with very warm water and wrap it around the penis for at least 5 minutes. Apply fresh hot water to the towel as necessary to keep it warm.


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Penis stretches should be done on a daily basis. There are actually a wide variety of penis stretches. This is the basic one that all beginners should start with. Grab the penis on the shaft just under the head and pull away from your body gently until the penis is fully extended. Do it straight outward and hold for thirty seconds, then take a 30 second break. Repeat this process by stretching your penis down, up, to the left, and to the right. If you experience pain, stop. This should not hurt.


do not tear your penis

Jelqing is the most effective natural method for increasing penis size. Jelqing is when a man makes an “okay” sign (a circle) with his thumb and forefinger by wrapping it around the shaft of his penis while it is semi-erect. The penis should be lubricated with lotion or Vaseline or another kind of lubricant. Starting at the base, he gently squeezes and moves the circle his fingers make down towards the head of his penis, but he lets go just before touching the head. This guides blood through the shaft, which makes the penis hold more blood than it normally would, and over time if this exercise is repeated, his penis will enlarge to adapt to the increased blood volume.


All 15 of them involve putting it on your penis

Jelqing should not be done daily, instead it should be done for two days followed by one day off. A man should start with one hundred jelq strokes per session and each stroke should take three seconds. The aim is to gently guide the blood through, not force it, so don’t grip too hard. The second week the man should do 200 strokes, increasing by 100 weekly until he is at 500 strokes per session. Studies have shown that the less a man ejaculates while he is doing a jelqing regimen, the more growth he will see. There should NEVER be an ejaculation during jelqing because there should be no jelqing with an erect penis. Jelqing while erect will cause injury.


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Lastly, there are kegels, which will enhance erectile ability and increase stamina. A kegel is a contraction of the PC muscle, which is located on the pelvic floor. The easiest way to locate the PC muscle is by cutting off your urine flow midstream; flex that same muscle to do kegels. This muscle should be flexed 50 times a day with occasional days off, and over time the number of repetitions should be increased. You can do kegels anywhere! Use kegels with a jelqing regimen to supplement your gains. Jelqing works because of increased blood volume in the penis and kegels force blood into the penis; a man can do a few kegels while jelqing as an aid.


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