Everyone who hunts or fishes is evil

Nov 17, 2015 | | 1 comment

1 Deer Hunter sEw0dZb

They shouldn’t call it hunting, they should call it murdering. Anyone who hunts for sport should be regarded as dangerously insane, sick in the head, and just plain evil. Killing things for fun? Really? Why is this not against the law? Oh yeah, because our current laws are obsolete. It’s a very good thing that I’m making the rules now, or you’d all be stuck with a system that allows mass murderers of deer, ducks, and other animals to run free.
My father recently said, “Have you ever tried shooting birds? It’s very pleasurable.” These are the kinds of things that people say that make me want to bang my head against the wall. However, I know that would only hurt my head. It doesn’t matter if it’s fun, my good dumbass, it’s disgusting and awful and demonic.
One of the primary causes of the rise of the human race was our ability to hunt. This leads me to believe that humans are inherently evil. Have you ever had a cheeseburger? Have fun frying in hell. Do ya like fried chicken? Hopefully you’ll like Satan’s spiky red cock tearing apart your intestines too.


Fire is hot


I bet this guy has a small dick

Hunters are so damn proud of their kills. They take pictures of and tell stories about them. It is my hope that someday such heinous crimes will be punished with testicular removal, or cutting off of the balls. I don’t want anyone who enjoys killing to reproduce. Oh wait, my dad has enjoyed that before. That’s exactly where I come from. Fuck.

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