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People get fat when they eat too much. Science also tells us that when when someone doesn’t move because they’re too fat to, they will only get fatter if you continue to feed them. This is where I get my brilliant theory, hopefully to soon be put into practice: fat people just shouldn’t get to eat. Once they lose enough weight, they can eat again. If they become sick from malnutrition during this purification process, they can have an IV for a little while. I do not believe that fat people deserve to die! However, we can not have these land whales making everyone’s eyes bleed. Warning: the following images are disgusting.

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Far more hideous than any fat person

Unfortunately, I can not yet force you to not eat. So to lose weight, you’ll just have to stop eating meat you fucking murderer. Ugh you suck so bad for that. You maybe aware that people who aren’t in the starvy countries are getting fatter as time goes on. As you get older, you will see more and more of the obese. Kick them as hard as you can if you get the opportunity.


I love to smell my balls

Computers are another contributor to The Great Fattening. Break your fucking computer right now. Do not finish reading this DESTROY THE EVIL TECHNOLOGY THAT IS STEALING OUR SOULS


What happens when you give them what they really want. This is a happy fucking dog.

Light your car on fire so that you have to walk everywhere. Become hopelessly addicted to amphetamines. Smoke crack. Vomit immediately after every time you eat, this is called bulimia and it is the most effective diet out there.


Her perception of herself as fat is what keeps her skinny. Learn from this.

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