Flag Worship

Jun 12, 2016 | | 1 comment

Children are indoctrinated from the time they are five years old, when they start Kindergarten, to be loyal to a piece of cloth. They are taught that red, white, and blue represent freedom and bravery, they are taught that America is the world’s greatest country. Really, it is the 12th most obese country in the world, at 35% of all adults, and the highest in the world in wealth inequality, a measure of how effectively the upper class has fucked over the lower ones. The only country that has a higher rate of people in prison is NORTH KOREA. Approximately 220,000 prisoners are raped every year. The United States has 20 times more murders than the average country in the developed world. It has the highest number of guns per capita on the planet. What is a capita? A female capitol.


In our country, this man is considered average.

George H.W. Bush tried to outlaw burning the flag during his presidency, but this was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The reality is that if not prevented from doing so by certain laws, almost all of our leaders would hang on to power indefinitely. They make promises during election seasons but do not keep them. They do not vote with their consciences, but with their parties. If America were truly democratic, 537 Americans who agreed on any issue could overrule Congress and the president combined and pass any legislation they pleased. We live in a plutocracy, which means rule by the rich. A congressional campaign costs millions of dollars. We are taught as children that anyone can become President of the United States. This is a fucking lie.


That guy must be smart as fuck


Like he’s trying to give him a high five but this guy’s just not having it

America is a military powerhouse because it spends a trillion dollars a year on defense (another lie, it is an offense budget). In doing so it under-funds many important things a government should do, the important things that will actually improve the lives of its citizens. It replaces caring for those less fortunate with mindless cliches about “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, which is a very stupid phrase, if you pulled up on your bootstraps you would just fall forward and get a bloody nose. It ignores infrastructure and allows roads and bridges to decay dangerously, and fails to properly educate its citizens. This is probably in the American government’s best interests, because if people understood how shitty their leadership truly is, many powerful people would have their nipples rubbed off with sandpaper and receive cement enemas. Flag Day is coming up on Tuesday: I challenge you, the reader, to disrespect the flag in public, by burning, pooping on, or just stepping on the flag while doing an embarrassing dance.


When have you ever seen a newspaper or a flyer like that? Who wears a button that just says “Congress”?

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