Why Girls Love Dick Pics In Their Inbox

Dec 8, 2016 | | Say something

You may have heard woman complain about seeing stranger’s shafts in their messages. The only reason they complain is that they have been taught that society expects them to be frigid prudes with dry vaginas. No, seeing a random man’s dirty dick definitely makes women wet. They don’t feel uncomfortable, disgusted, or as though they are in danger of being raped. They’re happy as hell! Women love dicks. All dicks. They don’t have to be attached to someone they find attractive… That’s nonsense! If a girl gets to see your penis before she even talks to you, she will be aroused as fuck.

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She’s so excited her hair is standing on end and turned gray also she got wrinkly from being so horny

If you’re a guy, send women dick pics!!! Do it! Facebook and Instagram are great places to do this, they’re designed specifically for this purpose. You may want to start by telling the girls that you want to have sex with them and have been masturbating to their pictures. This will make them feel attractive and desirable. Bonus points if you do this to a coworker, someone who goes to your school, or a police officer. Don’t be shy! Girls LOVE dick pics and will most likely thank you by sending nudes.

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Thank God that sick fucked up cat murderer is dead

If you showed a random woman your penis in public, you would go to jail at least and possibly to prison. You would be put on the sex offender’s list. Your life would be changed forever. But send a women dick pics and there will be no consequences, besides perhaps getting laid. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is perfectly acceptable behavior. If it wasn’t, why would so many guys be doing it? Duh. Girls are automatically turned on by penises no matter what and secretly want to have sex with them all; they just pretend not to because they fear being labeled a slut. Shame on you, society! Forcing women to pretend to not want strange penises in their inbox is a crime against humanity!!!


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