Hunters Are Garbage And Will Fry In Hell

Dec 20, 2016 | | Say something
 a murderer who's proud he's going to be ass raped in hell

Philip Seymour Hoffman is actually dead and certainly being painfully butt fucked by Satan for this and other deer murders.

Many people enjoy shooting and killing innocent wildlife. This is a natural thing that humans do; but humans are satanic shits. If you hunt and kill rabbits, deer, birds, or other innocent wildlife, you are guaranteed to be raped in the ass painfully for all eternity. The hunters’ asses will break open, but the devil will have no mercy on these murderers. Forever and ever, their asses will be penetrated without lubrication. Although most people are incapable of understanding that hunting is wrong because their warped human brains are evolved to be destructive to beautiful wildlife, God will still send them to hell to suffer forever. This is called predestination. Those who enjoy hunting were destined to be absolute fucking garbage that enjoys killing animals for fun, and they were destined to have a big red cock stuffed in their anus after they die.

this man is too stupid to understand how fucked up this is

Don’t be like this man.


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