Irritate People While They Watch TV and Movies

Dec 16, 2016 | | Say something

People are entertained and content when they are watching a TV show or movie that they really like. So content, that they sit still for hours and do nothing. They are in a trance; hypnotized by the shiny rectangle. It is your duty to free people from their vision being locked on the screen of lies. These people are imprisoned and deluded into believing they are enjoying themselves, when they are really being robbed of their time and money. HAVE NO MERCY OR POLITENESS. FUCK WITH THEM AND NEVER LET THEM KEEP WATCHING IN PEACE.

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You’re no better than this man. What you do is equally worthless.

Harass people while they watch TV. Tell them that the actors are just reading a script, their favorite characters aren’t real. What’s really going on is a bunch of puppets saying things other people wrote for them while they’re surrounded by cameras. Inform the TV watcher that they are a fucking chump, being drawn into watching TV so that cable companies of Netflix can steal money from them and so they can be tricked into buying useless shit they see on commercials. They will complain: “Shut up! I’m trying to watch this!” They do this because they are brainwashed. Continue to point out the repetitive nature of the program; for most shows, every episode is nearly the same. Be sure to talk very loud so that you can be heard over the TV show.

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Being in a trance is more important to this woman than penis! What has the world become?

Give people extra double triple shit while they watch movies. This is a great opportunity to spread your message to the masses! Hollywood movies tend to have very predictable plots and no educational value. People believe that they are getting high-quality entertainment. Bullshit! Movies are dumb. Flashy visuals and sexy actors don’t mean shit; movies have no actual value to your life. Once again, all these people are just sitting there and staring at a screen. They pay money to do this, then they overpay for unhealthy foods to stuff in their faces while they sit and stare like a dumbass.

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If you’re in a movie, stand up and yell, “Look back there at the projector! Look at the speakers to the sides! That’s all that’s really happening. It’s just moving lights and an audio track!” People will be angry when you do this. Don’t let this deter your honorable crusade to wake people up. I recommend you bring a microphone so people can hear over the movie if it’s loud. What you have to say is more important than people being enslaved by entertainment. Tell them, “None of this is real! Can’t you tell that nothing is really happening? Don’t give these millionaires your money; the movie producers, the theater owners, these rich and stuck up actors. Fuck them all!!! Spend your money on stuff that actually matters!” This is about all you’ll be able to say before you get kicked out. If it seems like the employees of the theater will get to you before you finish, run around the theater and down crowded aisles. Congratulations, hero.

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You, when you’re pissing off people staring at a screen!

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