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May 29, 2016 | | Say something

     I saw a billboard today that read “Jesus is Lord” in a bubbly non-threatening font.  Next to this proclamation there was the face of cartoon Jesus. I mean Lord.   What a strange thing to pay for, a badly drawn face and a reminder that a name is a different name.  This post isn’t about religion or an opinion on why our lord is Jesus or the other way around.  Maybe this billboard just wasn’t directed at someone like me, but who was it meant to be shown to?  Do the God-loving Christians drive past this billboard and think “Thank you Sign Man for advertising to anyone that might possibly be confused by our message.  This way of telling people is sure to not leave them even more confused since it’s so obvious that both Jesus and Lord are Jesus and Lord at the same time.”  This billboard could have said anything is anything and conveyed the same meaning, “Dog is Cool”, “Banana is not an Apple”,  “Grass is Lengths of Green”, all with the appropriate hastily drawn image of the primary noun next to it.  At least leave a fucking number to call.


Jesus fucking Christ this colony of spiders feels so good on my boner


An example of a sign that actually makes sense and teaches something.


     Bathroom signs may in fact be the perfect sign, it doesn’t have some sneaky hidden message or double meaning.  Either you have a triangular dress on or you don’t, no extra communication is needed.  We need more yes or no answers in our signs these days.  I wandered around a rest stop with my dog for a few minutes, both of us needing to take a shit, and we saw the ancient sign of a dog on a leash shitting.  YES, you can now squeeze your dogs belly until it unleashes the motherload.  Nobody is profiting from these signs. This is people helping other people through the use of crude and vague silhouettes of the acts you’re questioning if you’re able to do or not.  There will never be anarchy as long as we have signs and billboards.


This dog’s poop looks like a paint brush.

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