Your life is a distraction from the good you could be doing. Help others now.

Mar 15, 2018 | | Say something

How much time do you spend watching TV, talking with friends, drinking, playing games, and letting your screens suck your fucking soul out? Meanwhile, people and animals all over the world are dying and they need your help. There are starving, sick, and tortured beings out there who need your time, energy, and financial resources or they will suffer immensely. This is permanently binding upon you, you are responsible for the fate of everyone you have the power to help. How efficiently do you use your time? How much of it is spent purely on helping others? Just because you will never see someone is no excuse for not doing your best to help them. There are ways and means of helping others and if you don’t know how, you aren’t doing enough to find out how.

We all have the power to save the suffering from Hell on Earth.

Facebook. Snapchat. Twitter. You godless fuck, this is your only life and others need you to use it to help them. There’s no excuse for ignorance or apathy. Stop wasting your fucking time staring at screens and make some money to give to a charity, or advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged, or work to help other beings in any way you possibly can. Your ignorance of and lack of thought about the suffering of countless others is indefensible and purely evil. There can be no distraction from doing good that is not an evil waste of time.

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