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Sep 6, 2016 | | Say something

I turn on the TV and The View is on. Whoopi Goldberg is talking about black people protesting and she says, “We’re lucky we live in one of the few countries where you CAN protest, and not get beheaded.” This clearly has racial overtones, my guess is that Whoopi Goldberg approves of our army’s slaughter of Middle Easterners of both genders and all ages. You can protest in most countries in the world. She is clearly brainwashed by her government and culture to believe that she lives in an exceptionally free society. She is irresponsibly passing on this information by saying it on television. Although it’s probably a script.


She’s fat

“Jobs, opportunity, and economic growth, for our children and grandchildren.” This is a commercial on CNN. “That’s why this election I’m voting for American energy.” Before I even research this, I’m going to guess that this is really about ruining the environment for our children and grandchildren. Now I’ll check. This is paid for by the American Petroleum Institute, who are so graciously manipulating people to vote in ways that will benefit big oil and gas companies, so that they can spew more carbon into our atmosphere and raise its temperature, driving even more species into extinction and causing future generations of humans horrible problems. is fucking terrible. Please hack it and implant a porn virus on the site that will be given to everyone who visits it. Now we have a commercial where light piano music is playing and Matthew McConaughey falls backward into a pool while wearing a suit, then it cuts to him driving a Lincoln and rain starts to hit it. Then a slogan of some kind: “It’s like that.” What? What does that even mean? Then there’s an ad for the presidential debate, and it’s all dramatic, because CNN wants money. But I don’t want to watch old retards argue.


Yet one of them will be our next president

Now there’s a story about Gretchen Carlson, who was sexually harassed. She got $20 million from Fox News, she was one of the hosts of Fox and Friends. Roger Ailes was the CEO of Fox News until July 2016, he founded it, and now everyone knows that the founder of Fox News was a fat pervert, so nobody will ever watch it again and that’s the end of that. Anyways, only a rich blonde white woman could get $20 million for being sexually harassed. Poorer woman have worse happen to them all the time and get nothing. Life is unfair! However, an obese old man with an impressively disgusting double chin telling me about how wonderful my ass looks would make me want $20 million too. Now they are discussing Roger Ailes’ role in the Trump campaign, and an old white man says that Trump just wants experts in the field, and that Gretchen is ready to move on; downplaying fucked up shit in the typical political fashion.


Breaking news: Nasty fat old jackass who founded the most terrible news network ever turns out to be a shitty person!

Skip forward a bit, now on CNN there is an advertisement about September 11th 2001 with people on the New York streets looking up, firefighters running around. I wonder if they’ll show the massive explosions that triggered the collapse of the World Trade Centers, and explain why the collapses must have been a controlled demolition, because physics and reality. “The only film with footage inside the towers.” This will be propaganda, I’m sure, read this article if you’re interested in learning something nice and happy.


Or just think what you already thought, reasons don’t matter

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