Why Must We Eat So Much Death?

May 8, 2016 | | 1 comment

The people in charge of our nations don’t know their shit from their assholes. The leading source of carbon emissions is animal agriculture, not the burning of coal or oil. This is from a report commissioned by the United Nations. The Paris Agreement conveniently sidestepped the primary issue, the Cowlocaust. <—- I’m very proud of that. These bloodthirsty ignorant fucks don’t realize that the death they feast upon is destroying the world (making it warmer). Humanity’s inability to change our ways of thinking will have very fecal consequences in the decades to come. Pull your head out of your intestinal tract dear reader, and switch from milk to soy milk and from meat to tofu.


Skull heads are way bigger than penis heads

Tofu is dried soybean curds, not Kurds like the people who wear towels on their heads even though there’s no beach around. Tofu is fucking delicious. God invented tofu so that our species would have the option of not committing suicide by being evil corpse-chewing murderous bastards. If you don’t like tofu at first, keep eating it until you do. This is known as inversion therapy.

Organic Tofu Isolated on White


Having one’s throat slit and then bleeding to death is not a pleasurable experience. Why is it okay? To pay people to do that for you, and then eat a dead body? There is such a thing as good and evil, despite what any philosophers with syphilis may have written. The choices we make affect far more living beings than ourselves our the people we see around us. But you’re probably going to still eat meat at your next meal. That is a dead body. Don’t eat dead bodies. Cum tastes good too, but we don’t put that on our dinner plates! Knowing something is wrong and doing it anyway is pretty damn low.


Bon appetit!

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