The Number One Reason to buy Rosetta Stone

Aug 22, 2017 | | 1 comment

Languages. Everyone speaks them. There are over 1 million languages worldwide and that number is growing every day. Rosetta Stone and the internet allows us to talk to people all over the world, but what’s the point if we can’t understand them? Airplanes allow us to travel the world, but why bother going somewhere where you can only communicate by playing charades? You need to learn a new language or you’re missing out big time. The best way to learn is by using Rosetta Stone, the proven fastest method to learn a new language. It teaches intuitively, rather than by boring memorization.

Easiest way to get Rosetta Stone

Easiest way to get Rosetta Stone

Click the image and take a journey. ¬†Imagine the following. You take a trip to China because you want to see its amazing skyscrapers and cool synchronized walking teams. You don’t speak Chinese, but you figure people will speak English there, so you don’t worry about it. When you arrive at the Beijing airport, the signs are all in some obscure alien language. You wander the airport for several hours, becoming hungry and thirsty. You finally find your way outside and go up to some crazy stall on the road. You hand over some money and point to your stomach. Charades. The man hands you a firecracker. You shake your head and point to your stomach. He comes around the stall, pulls out a knife and stabs you in the stomach.

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You wake up in a hospital and there is a nurse speaking English to you. He explains that asking for a refund is terribly offensive in China and that by pointing to your stomach you were indicating that you understood that you deserved to be hurt saying, “I prefer to be attacked in the stomach area.” He asks why you didn’t learn Chinese before visiting the country. Hadn’t you heard of Rosetta Stone, the affordable and easy way to learn a new language? Perhaps on your next visit, you will prepare by using Rosetta Stone!!!

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