How to Not Kill Your High

Mar 7, 2018 | | 1 comment

Chances are if you’re reading this, drugs are an important part of your life. Marijuana is a drug that produces a high that can be easily killed by many undesirable activities. Waste your precious marijuana no longer. Your new leader commands you to not kill your high.

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The worst thing you can do when you’re high is engage in strenuous physical activity. Imagine it is a sunny spring day and you have been indoors, where it’s nice and safe, smoking weed with your friends. Your friend suggests you go for a walk. The fucking fool! As soon as you walk out that door, you will be sober as a stick. All the blood will leave your head and go to your stupid legs. This is science, you goddamn cuck. Slap that dipshit friend of yours upside the head if he ever suggests any crazy intense exercise like that while you’re trying to enjoy your high.

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Fucking idiots.

Forgetting to smoke more weed will murder your high worse than God murdered Jesus for being his Son. Unfortunately, weed highs do not last forever. You have to keep fuel in the fire, my friend. Chances are you are not buying enough weed. Getting stoned needs to be the most important of your life or you’re a goddamn retard pussy. HATE. HATE. Smoke at least a bowl every 20 minutes throughout the ENTIRE day. Can’t smoke every 20 minutes because you’re at work? QUIT YOUR JOB FUUUUUUUCCKKKK. Jobs kill highs more efficiently than OJ killed his wife and got away with it! Don’t fucking do ANY work while you’re high, unless you want to waste weed. This concludes my drug-induced rant.

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College will kill your high



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