Pennies: 2069 Greasy Gnome Gonads and Tacos

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Boss Banky had been trying to murder Bo with a sword, but Bo escaped into the bathroom. After Bo prayed cursing God, suddenly Boss Banky walked away. Had God answered Bo’s prayer, or something? Bo timidly opened the bathroom door and poked his head out to look around. Boss Banky was nowhere in sight. But Bo was afraid of being chopped up by a sword and was hesitant to return to work. But Bo was also afraid of not finishing his work and having his penis chopped off and eaten by his greasy gnome of a boss.

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He did some rational calculations and decided that Boss Banky was unlikely to murder him and risk prison time, even though there was a decent chance that nobody would notice Bo’s decapitated corpse laying on the bank floor for several years. It had been a scare tactic, a sadistic joke on Bo. Bo returned to his desk, heart racing and anus clenched tighter than normal, because he always had to clench his damaged asshole to prevent a pants pooping. An asshole damaged by the unwise masturbation of shoving a 17-inch black dildo into his long-suffering anus, which dildo had now been taken by Ro Bo and had touch sensitive pads that send electric currents to Ro Bo’s reward centers attached, perhaps ultimately helping Bo by preventing him from further damaging his asshole with said 17-inch black dildo.

Bo went back to his desk and started counting pennies again. He had counted almost 5,000, but he was still only halfway done. He moved as quickly as possible, his focus laser-like. Suddenly, the lunch bell rang. It was 11:00 A.M., and the bank’s mascot, a horse with a giant penis, jumped up on Bo’s desk (he apparently perceived it to be unoccupied) and started stroking his giant horse cock, quickly reaching a climax that resulted in the spraying out of several gallons of real horse cum all over the bank’s blue carpet. A sad Mexican janitor came and began cleaning when it seemed like he was done, but the mischievous horse had saved some cum to shoot out on the janitor’s head. Bo wanted to work through lunch, but he remembered the times that he’d tried. Boss Banky had come up, yelled “Technical foul!” and beaten him severely. Bo hated severe beatings.

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But with a giant boner

Bo got up and went outside to lunch. He expected to be harassed by Boss Banky before he could exit, but he was not. He didn’t trust this lack of attack, the way you shouldn’t trust the eye of a storm. But he intended to take advantage of it. Bo headed down the street to Taco King. He liked eating there because he didn’t have to cross any roads and get hit by cars, and he could get food quickly and not risk returning to work late. Unfortunately, eating Taco King gave Bo bad diarrhea, and Bo’s asshole was already in enough pain every moment of every day due to his unfortunate anal masturbation habits. But Bo hadn’t masturbated anally since Ro Bo had become self-aware and begun using Bo’s favorite dildo as his own robot penis, and Bo was grateful to Ro Bo for this positive life change. His anus had healed slightly, but the Mexican food he would soon consume was to destroy all of the recuperation his unlucky anus had enjoyed.

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He arrived at Taco King after ordering online because any time he stood in line or went through the drive-thru and had to be noticed as a physical being had resulted in a complete lack of service. His food was waiting for him at the counter and he grabbed it and sat down alone at a table. A woman shrieked in horror when the food had apparently levitated. Bo bit into a taco and almost spat it out. This taco was filled with feces, not meat and beans. But Bo knew that poop contains calories, so he ate it all. He needed the energy to focus at work.

Bo heard laughing, and he froze, for it was the malevolent cackle of Boss Banky. “Hahahaha, you stupid fucking bitch. I put 5 Xanax bars in that poop taco you just ate. Also, you just ate my poop. This was my doing, for I hate you dearly. You better hurry back to work before you pass out.” Bo considered going into the restroom to vomit, but he knew that Boss Banky would use the lead pipe he waved around as he spoke to prevent him from doing so. Bo ran as fast as his Asian legs could carry him. By the time he reach Cum Unity bank three minutes later, he was already feeling woozy. And good. He felt okay for once. He wasn’t even worried about losing his penis. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!!!!!!

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Bo passed out on the floor of the customer service area of the bank in front. Nobody could notice him, so he was trampled on, but he was fast asleep. Boss Banky returned to the bank, whistling joyfully. He went to Bo’s motionless body, flipped him right side over, and pried open his mouth. He pulled down his pants, exposing his large, smelly, hairy balls. He dipped them into Bo’s mouth and started moving them back and forth and up and down, savoring the moisture on his sack.





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