Pentagon Missing $6.5 Trillion, News Outlets Ignore It

Oct 17, 2016 | | Say something

You probably haven’t heard about the story that the Pentagon can’t account for $6.5 trillion and is going to fail the government audit in 2017. What this means is that because the money wasn’t accounted for, it could have goneĀ LITERALLY FUCKING ANYWHERE. A ridiculously large portion of our nation’s wealth went who knows where the fuck. This immediately makes me think, hmmmm, our government is corrupt as fuck and money that was entrusted to the Pentagon to build weapons to murder and maim human beings went into the pockets of politicians and contractors. Or was used to fund covert operations that were insanely unethical. I wanted to write this article in ALL CAPS but figured that would be obnoxious. Fuck America and it’s dick-between-its-legs media that doesn’t stand for us at all and is owned by evil corporations.


So the American government is corrupt. Patriotism is a lie that gets you to support the people who steal from you. Soldiers don’t protect us and they don’t protect our freedom. Our military makes us less free. Every veteran should be tried for murder. When I gain proper power the Pentagon, which is the largest anus in the world, will be demolished so that it can no longer shit on the world. The history of every war will be exposed for what it really was; soldiers were not heroes fighting for the country, but murderers destroying families and making people cry. Everyone will be deprogrammed from believing that they should “support out troops” and be enlightened to the fact that supporting “our” troops means supporting murder and supporting people in other countries losing the young men in their families. America bombs babies. Burn the flag and spit on a soldier’s uniform. Fuck the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.


Turtles don’t sweat!


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