Rick Snyder Doesn’t Care About Black People

Dec 19, 2016 | | 1 comment

I am a white man who lives in Michigan and I believe that our governor has no emotional stake in the tragedies affecting the black people of Detroit and Flint. He does not care if people in Flint have lead in their water. He cares not at all about Detroit’s public school system and what happens to the children of Detroit. Rick Snyder is an unintelligent jerk who could help many, but is only interested in helping those who don’t need help (the rich). Like all politicians, he’s great at branding himself positively, but when one looks at his actual choices, it’s clear that Rick Snyder is garbage.


He smiles while he ruins people’s lives!

Starting in April 2014, Flint’s water started to taste funny. Suddenly, the people of Flint discovered they weighed up to 50% more than normal. The cause? People were drinking water with lead, a heavy metal in it. The lead was accumulating in their bodies and making them fat. Also, it’s bad for the brain. Recently, a federal judge ruled that the state of Michigan had to supply the people of Flint with bottled water, something good and charitable people from far and wide for months. But Rick Snyder is not a good and charitable person. Rick Snyder is a heartless monster. He is fighting the ruling in court, saying “That sounds like work. I certainly didn’t get into politics to help people…”

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Flint’s water looks like piss! Look at Rick’s stupid face. What a piece of shit.

Rick Snyder’s policies regarding the Detroit school system also show what an insensitive and ineffective jackass he is. He wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that wants literacy to be established as a constitutional right. Detroit’s schools are some of the worst in the country. As a result, only 50% of adults in Detroit can read. Instead of denouncing this as a great injustice, he would rather resist a judge ruling that it must be changed. Why? Because Rick Snyder doesn’t care about the people of Detroit! He also doesn’t care about the people of Flint, and most of the people in Flint and Detroit are black. Now, if wealthy white people had shitty schools and poison water, I’m sure Rick would be all over it, “like a stupid look on Rick Snyder’s face”. Instead he resists progress, making life worse for hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan. FUCK RICK SNYDER.

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Kick this nerd’s ass

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